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Phoenix Crack Cocaine Defense Attorney

Drug Defense Lawyer: Crack Cocaine

Arizona faces higher risks of crack cocaine and other drug importation due to its close position to the southern international border.  For this reason, law makers and officials impose particularly harsh laws and penalties on those charged and convicted with a wide array of crack cocaine offenses throughout the state.  Phoenix Crack Cocaine Possession Attorney Joshua S. Davidson offers legal representation throughout Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix to clients facing crack cocaine charges of possession, sales, trafficking, importation, manufacturing and transportation.  Because it is classified as a narcotic drug under Arizona law, the charges filed by the prosecution in a crack cocaine or cocaine base offense may include possession of a narcotic drug, sale of a narcotic drug, transportation of a narcotic drug and possession for sale of a narcotic drug.

Crack cocaine is readily available in the larger metropolitan area of Phoenix due to the many organizations involved in crack cocaine trafficking who operate in that area.  Crack cocaine or "crack" as it is called on the street, is a solid, smokable form of cocaine that is made during a process used to convert powder cocaine into freebase cocaine.  Crack cocaine is a more potent form of cocaine and is stronger and more addictive than the powder form.    

Phoenix Crack Cocaine Charges

Being charged with crack cocaine offenses are extremely serious in Arizona and it carries a federal and state mandatory minimum sentences, in some cases.  There has been much controversy surrounding this law, which makes it far worse to be convicted of charges related to crack cocaine than regular cocaine.  The controversy lies in the fact that both drugs contain the same exact active ingredient and many say the sentencing disparity is unfair.  

Whatever cocaine charges you are facing, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a Phoenix drug defense lawyer who will fight to prevent the harsh penalties that result from a crack cocaine conviction.  Even if it is your first offense in Phoenix, you could face a mandatory prison sentence, not to mention hefty fines and a felony on your record.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a narcotic drug offense in Phoenix, you should immediately seek the help of an attorney.    

A former drug crime prosecutor, Attorney Joshua S. Davidson was responsible for handling cases involving crack cocaine, and this experience has made him a better drug crime defense lawyer.  Because he can see all angles to a case, he prepares effective defenses to drug charges and accusations and knows how to defend against the prosecutorial methods commonly used by the State. Do not leave your crack cocaine case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney; call the Phoenix Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson immediately to seek legal representation and have an aggressive drug lawyer protecting your rights. 

If you or someone you know has been has been charged with a crack cocaine offense and you need the help of a qualified lawyer, contact Phoenix Drug Crime Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today!

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