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Phoenix Heroin Defense Attorney

Drug Defense Lawyer: Heroin

The Phoenix Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson represents clients in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa who have been charged with heroin related drug offenses.  These charges might include possession of a narcotic drug for sale, transportation of a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug and sale of a narcotic drug.  It is important to seek the help of an attorney who knows how to handle drug cases, and as a former drug crime prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson knows exactly how to address the drug charges against you.   Without the assistance of an experienced Phoenix lawyer, it is difficult to fully realize all of your legal options, but Joshua S. Davidson will make sure you are aware of every legal possibility surrounding your heroin drug charges, with an eye towards a successful resolution of your case. 

Heroin is a synthetic opiate drug made from morphine, which can be extracted from the seed pod of an opium poppy plant.  Highly addictive, this substance can be injected, snorted or smoked.  Heroin is a serious drug and the penalties resulting from heroin related drug charges are equally serious.  Depending on the defendant’s criminal history and the amount of Heroin in possession, the following penalties may result from different types of heroin convictions:

Heroin Possession:

  • Class 4 felony
  • Most first offenses qualify for manditory probation under "Proposition 200"
  • $1,000 minimum fine or 3 times the value of the substance, whichever is greater.

Heroin Sale:

  • Class 2 felony
  • $1,000 minimum fine or 3 times the value of the substance, whichever is greater.
  • Probation is not available for cases involving more than 1 gram of heroin (defendant could be sentenced for up to 12.5 years in prison for a first offense)
  • Mandatory additional fines if sold in a drug-free school zone (even if no minors are involved in the offense). 

Heroin Trafficking (Transportation/Importation):

  • Class 2 felony
  • Maximum fine is $150,000 plus an 88% surcharge.

Phoenix Heroin Drug Charges

If you are convicted of a heroin related narcotic drug charge in Phoenix, you risk a possible prison sentence, lengthy probation, and hefty fines.  Help improve your odds ofof avoiding a more severe sentence by obtaining qualified legal representation.  Phoenix Heroin Possession Attorney Joshua S. Davidson has a reputation among judges and colleagues in the legal profession for providing serious and aggressive legal representation to each and every client.  By choosing Phoenix Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson to represent you, you take an important step towards protecting your freedom from the heroin drug charges against you. 

Contact Phoenix Drug Crime Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today if you are facing heroin related drug charges!

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