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Phoenix Drug Importation Defense Attorney

Aggressive Drug Import Crime Lawyer

Being charged with drug importation in Phoenix is a very tough thing to deal with, especially if you have no qualified legal representation.  By hiring a skilled and knowledgeable defense lawyer, you take an important step in reducing the tremendous weight bearing down on you.  As your Phoenix importation attorney, Joshua S. Davidson will be there beside you during all phases of your charges, providing you with legal advice and personal attention that will help to seek ultimate success in the resolution of your case. 

Drug importation can be charged when dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs and controlled substances are brought into Arizona from an outside jurisdiction.  Some commonly imported drug/ controlled substances in Phoenix include:

If charged with of importing drugs, you could face felony charges and be prosecuted in Federal Court where prosecutors and federal investigators will try to enforce maximum penalties against you.  Importation of drugs is also a crime under Arizona drug law and you could face a state level prosecution for the same offense.  If convicted of drug importation, you could face spending time in jail or prison, hefty fines, community service, probation, rehabilitation and drug counseling, not to mention a mark on your criminal record which could pose problems in the future when seeking employment. These consequences are serious, and by hiring a Phoenix drug defense lawyer, you take an important step in avoiding these risks.   

Phoenix Drug Importation Defense

Because of his years spent working as a prosecutor in Maricopa County, Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson has a great amount of experience handling cases involving drug crimes.  He has seen the “other side” so to speak, and as a result he brings to the table a thorough and knowledgeable outlook on drug cases that helps him prepare for the prosecution of your case.  The defenses he builds can be extremely effective and as your Phoenix attorney he will work hard to provide your case with individualized attention that is unmatched by other larger law firms. 

If you or someone you know has been charged with Drug Importation, contact Phoenix Drug Crime Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today!

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