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Phoenix Prescription Forgery Attorney

Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona

With prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, Vicodin and Codeine quickly becoming one of the most sought after types of drugs in Phoenix, it is no wonder that more and more people are getting charged with Prescription Forgery and enlisting the help of drug crime attorneys. At the Phoenix Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, our vast knowledge of prescription drug laws could be key to helping you overcome the charges against you. By hiring a qualified Phoenix Prescription Forgery Lawyer to handle your case, you significantly improve the odds of your prescription forgery case ending positively.

Prescription forgery is typically charged when a person uses or presents a forged prescription at a pharmacy in an attempt to illegally acquire drugs for either personal use or resale. There are many different ways forgery can occur in Phoenix: Prescription pads can be stolen and used to obtain drugs, legitimate prescriptions can be altered to increase the amount prescribed, or a person can go to multiple doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions that can be sold or obtained for personal use. It is important to understand that if you are arrested in a prescription forgery case in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or Glendale, you can be charged with both a forgery offense and the underlying drug possession offense, such as possession of a narcotic drug or possession of a dangerous drug.

Phoenix Drug Crime: Prescription Forgery

Due to the increasing demand and abuse of prescription drugs, prescription fraud is becoming a common offense throughout Arizona. As a former drug crime prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson has dealt with cases involving prescription forgery charges, and that experience has proven to be a very useful to him as a drug crime defense lawyer. An attorney who can predict the arguments and courtroom strategies of prosecutors is a valuable asset to any person’s prescription forgery case.

No matter what specific type of forgery charges are being held against you, rest assured that Phoenix drug crime defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson will provide you with the best and most thorough representation possible. Undoubtedly committed to every client he serves, he will exceed your expectations by handling every detail of your case from start to finish himself, he won’t hand your case off to an associate like many other lawyers do. Whether you just have questions regarding prescription forgery or if you need lawyer representation immediately, Joshua S. Davidson can take care of all your legal needs.

Charged with Prescription Forgery? Contact Phoenix Drug Crime Defense AttorneyJoshua S. Davidson today to discuss your case!

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