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Phoenix Drug Sales Attorney

Phoenix Defense Lawyer: Drug Sales

The Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson defends clients charged with drug sales in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe.  If you have been investigated and charged with drug sales or drug distribution, you need a lawyer who is familiar with handling these types of cases.  There are a wide range of offenses related to drug sales, and at Mr. Davidson's Phoenix Law Firm, he handles cases including the sales of the following substances:

Drug sales and distribution cases tend to be treated even more harshly than possession for sale in the state of Arizona.  Prosecutors attempt to prove drug sales by using undercover police officers, surveillance, search warrants and confidential informants.  From his experience as a drug prosecutor, Joshua S. Davidson knows how to effectively challenge this type of evidence and will fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed.  Whenever the police engage in undercover activity to build a drug sales case against someone, the potential defense of entrapment needs to be fully evaluated by an experienced Phoenix Drug Defense Lawyer.  Under Arizona law, entrapment in drug sale cases requires proof that:

  • The idea of committing the crime began with the police, not the defendant
  • The undercover police officers urged and induced the individual to make the drug sale
  • The defendant was not predisposed to sell the drugs before the police urged and induced him or her to sell. 

Arizona Drug Sale & Distribution Attorney

Whether you have been charged with internet sale of illegal drugs or the illegal sale of prescription drugs, Phoenix Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson has the experience and know how necessary to handle your case.  When he was a prosecutor for Maricopa County, he was responsible for drug sales and narcotics cases.  The time he spent working on those cases has provided him with experience that is vital to his success as a Phoenix drug defense lawyer.  As a Phoenix Drug Sales Attorney, he knows what to expect from prosecutors and prepares defense strategies that will counter their every move.  Do not attempt to handle drug sale and distribution charges with an inexperienced attorney or on your own.  As your lawyer, he will be there throughout the life of your case providing you with legal advice and support that will be vital to the success of your Phoenix drug sale case. 

Contact Phoenix Drug Crime Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson today to discuss the drug sale and drug distribution charges against you. 

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