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Search Warrant Issues in Phoenix Drug Cases

Many cases handled by Phoenix Drug Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson involve searches performed by the police of the defendant’s vehicle, home, or belongings without a search warrant.  Although the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides all individuals protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, the police can search you or your belongings without a valid warrant under certain limited circumstances.  However, if the court later rules that the search was illegal because it did not qualify as an exception to the “warrant requirement,” any marijuana, meth, cocaine or other drugs found during that search could be thrown out of court and the prosecutor may be left with no alternative but to dismiss your case.

The law in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe and Mesa regarding searches without a warrant is a constantly evolving area of law.  Phoenix Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson understands that maximizing the chances of having a warrantless search suppressed by the court requires the he stay on the cutting edge of new legal developments.  More importantly, being able to identify illegal police searches is critical to the effective defense of a Phoenix Drug charge.  Having worked as a drug offense prosecutor and litigated many legal challenges in court pertaining to police searches conducted without a warrant, Joshua S. Davidson has the experience to thoroughly review your case for any unconstitutional police misconduct that may result in the reduction or dismissal of your charges.

Exceptions to the Search Warrant Requirement in Phoenix Drug Cases

Several common exceptions to the search warrant requirement in Phoenix drug cases include:

  • Searches of individuals conducted “incident to arrest”
  • Inventory searches of vehicles prior to being impounded by the police
  • “Patting down” for weapons when an officer has founded safety concerns
  • Searches conducted with the consent of the individual
  • Probable cause searches of vehicles
  • Searches for burning marijuana and other evidence subject to destruction

Unfortunately, the police often conduct an illegal search without a warrant and later try to justify it so they can charge you with whatever marijuana or meth they found in your possession.  If you are charged with a drug crime, it is critical that you have an experienced Phoenix Drug Attorney working on your case that will perform a thorough defense investigation and challenge any potential police misconduct.  Joshua S. Davidson is a former drug prosecutor who has the experience and passion to aggressively fight for your constitutional rights and confront any unlawful tactics used by the police in your Phoenix Drug case.

If you or a loved on has been the victim of an illegal search without a warrant or other police misconduct, contact Phoenix Drug Defense Lawyer Joshua S. Davidson today for your free initial consultation.

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